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001 merkez ofis1"Tankar Petrol Company" was established by the family members of TAN, lead by experienced and respectable Hasan Tan, who planned to disprove the thesis that family companies in our country are not long-lasting.

In addition to acting in unison, starting our work in Aegean pearl İzmir, which was said to be productive lands by Greek goddesses Poros and Ceres, was another factor in growing our company. Following the rule "Nothing is easy, but everything is possible", and working a lot in a self-sacrificing way for approximately 20 years, our company grew and awards started to come our way. We became highest tax payers in our field, which is fuel oil. We were the 24th company in İzmir in CAPITAL Magazine's research for "1000 largest companies of Turkey", 432nd in Turkey. We were chosen as 339th largest company in FORTUNE 500 2012 list, and 384th on FORTUNE 500 2013. We have received an invitation at Geneva Congress Center at the city of Geneva of Switzerland in order to receive BID (Business Initiative Directions) document issued for our company, which is very prestigious and known throughout the world.

Impressed by the physics lectures of Einstein who proved that everything in the universe is actually energy, the family members shifted their investments into this area and started their journey. Today, in addition to fuel oil, they are also active in construction, logistics, shopping mall construction, operating and commitment, making contributions to national economy. Our activities in these fields, as is the case with fuel oils, continue with success.

Receiving the wise words and message of Hasan Tan who said "I do not condone any economical growth without making Tankar Petrol better in social responsibility area", his sons served people with innumerable kindness and favors which can't be put to words, leaving positive impacts on their lives. What we can say, and which is a point of pride for all our members, is that today, more than 500 people are working in group companies and this much employment is provided for people. Our ultimate goal is, as once said by great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, to reach "level of contemporary civilization" by working and making an effort with more people. The family members state that prerequisite for working in the company is to be "smiling", and that's how they explain their work discipline.

Today, Tankar family is,

-building the largest shopping mall and wellness center of the city in a short time,
-providing service at Izmir city center with 8 gas stations and preparing two new gas stations,
-Carrying out construction in three different locations,
-Providing WHOLESALE fuel oil and Vehicle Recognition service to companies, private institutions and state agencies throughout the country with the distributorship of large distributor companies such as BP – PETROL OFISI – TOTAL OIL A.S.,
-providing service in Fuel oil transportation and ready mixed concrete transportation with Concrete Pump and Mixers with over 100 vehicles,
- Making contributions to national economy with ongoing Dam – Pond – Canal works.

We hope to be together with you for many years without marginalizing anybody and with the understanding of treating every living creature with love and respect...

Stay energetic ...