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Our vehicle fleet, which is in conformance with International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and all other regulations within the scope of European Union adaptation criteria, is constantly growing.

We offer our knowledge and experience which we obtained in fuel oil transportation for more than 20 years also in shipping.

The mission of TANKAR LOJİSTİK; We ship the fuel oil needs of our customers to all parts of Turkey safely, on time and with standard products thanks to our expert staff, our constantly growing vehicle fleet and the inland storage power of the leading distribution companies of the world and our country which we represent.

TANKAR LOJİSTİK, whose main principal is to attain customer satisfaction at the highest level, carefully observes the social respect and environmental awareness criteria during the execution of all its services and activities.


We treat the goods we carry as our own, and all of our fleet is monitored 7/24 with vehicle tracking system and filling-emptying cover sensors, and reported to the companies we provide service to.

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