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Our company is the fuel oil and mineral oil dealership of national and international fuel oil distribution companies, and we have 6 fuel oil stations in the city center of İzmir. In addition to retail sales at the station, we also make wholesale fuel oil sales to the leader logistic companies, worksites and plants of our country.

We are the distributor for fuel oil wholesale and national and international station network card sales of Total Oil Türkiye A.Ş in Turkey. We deliver fuel oil to our customers with our 20 vehicles and via OMSAN A.Ş. which we contracted for national delivery. With our expert staff and the storage power of the companies that we represent, we serve your needs DEPENDABLY, ON TIME AND WITH STANDARD PRODUCTS.

Our Service quality is officially registered due to the fact that our loyal customers increase day by day. Knowing that success in fuel oil sector equals to quality service, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction, and with the mentality of providing uninterrupted energy resource anytime and anywhere, we guarantee you the products you need with the best service available…

022 toptan akaryakitOur company continues its works in this sector, where competition is intense, in order to maintain its consistent growth.

Tankar Petrol also participates in bids and provides products to government agencies and organizations that they need, thus offering practical solutions and supporting projects while following its commitments.

We create flexible solutions in order to provide on-time delivery to our customers and organizations in every location of Turkey and carry out our commitments while using the power of the companies that we represent.

Mapmobile Service

Fixed tank-pump systems

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• Easy installation
• Safe operation
• Quick and economical fuel oil supply
• Capability to move it anywhere you like
• Easy to use
• Compatible with automation systems
• Capability to check and report stock consumption

Portable Tank-Pump Systems

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It provides fuel oil supply to your worksite by installing a movable fuel oil facility that is installed in a completely safe manner thanks to easy transportation, quick installation and safe operation network capability of our company. Tank and pump system, which has the size of a standard load container, is installed in your workplace in accordance with Health-Safety-Environment and Quality rules. Since the system components have "exproof" and tank with pool characteristics, it is protected against leakage and fire with maximum security. It can't be used without your authorization thanks to locked doors. After the installation, fuel oil supply is provided right at your door easily with our vehicle fleet.

In addition to all these, with a computer that is installed upon request, it can be made compatible with automation system, and you can make consumption checks and follow your stocks.