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This is a system that provides fuel to your company vehicle automatically from the stations without using cash and without needing invoice, and it also reports filling information and, if desired, vehicle consumption information in an electronic environment.

This is a fleet management system that allows the fleet owner to fully control whole fuel oil consumption thanks to many different limiting parameters that can be defined both in fleet basis and vehicle basis.

The system also tracks the kilometer count of the vehicles simply and safely through the times of purchasing fuel oil. With reports that are sent every 10 days, it is reported which vehicles used what type of fuel oil at which station, when, how much and how many kilometers. It reports the lt/km values of vehicles.

Tankar has been a distrubutor for BP, Petrol Ofisi and Total Vehicle Identification Systems.

    • • Easy to pay
    • • Easy accounting
    • • Liter/km tracking
    • • Extensive and large service network in Turkey
    • • Full control in fuel oil consumption
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